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Derrick Ashpole has been in the industry since 2004 and is a licensed structural Landscaper and a qualified irrigator.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and attention to detail and we attach a high priority to courtesy and consideration. We are well aware of the difficulties people face when they are considering a landscape project.

Australian Landscapes Design and Construction, Sydney has evolved since its inception into a multi-disciplinary residential and commercial landscaping company with a balanced mixture of professional experience and youthful flair. Our team operates as a proactive partner to all parties involved in each project, maintaining a continuous dialogue between our clients, management, site supervisor, various engineering and architectural consultants, and the onsite construction staff. All our structural work has a full guarantee as per the requirements of the Fair Trading Laws.

Our guarantee is for 7 years for all structural work and materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

• We are committed to providing a garden that is fine in form
• Complementary of the architecture of the building
• Detailed in every aspect
• Constructed from quality components
• Structurally sound
• Appropriate in function
• Working for your lifestyle
• Designed to match desired level of involvement
• And considerate of occupants